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Itabath has 20+ years' manufacturing experience,200+ skilled and well-trained staff,10+ R&D team,20000+ sqm production plant,1000+ products meet most markets requirements and export to 20+ countries.
Itabath has a complete production line,from low pressure and gravity casting,forging,CNC machining,polishing,plating,PVD and assembling,all products are 100% quality checked at each processing step.
Itabath is a professional and reliable OEM&ODM bathroom products manufacturer and designer,products covering bathroom faucets,kitchen faucets,sensor faucets,pre-rinse faucets,thermostatic faucets,time delay taps,sinks,bathroom accessories and shower fittings,we use qualified raw material to ensure good products come from the first beginning.


​​​​​​​Die casting
Casting is the first production step to make bodies and spare parts,Itabath has 1 set Italy imported gravity casting machine and 1 set low pressure casting machine,low pressure casting machine is mostly used for big or complicated structure parts,Itabath’s monthly casting output is 100,000-120,000pcs/sets.
​​​​​​​CNC machining
If a product wants to be made high precision,it must be done by a precise CNC machine,now most of those machines come from overseas,Itabath has 20 sets Japan and US imported automatic CNC machines,they have tool knives from 14,21 to 28,more knives,more accuracy and more efficiency.
Standard material
Raw material is the basis of a safe and stable product,good material must meet relevant standards,Itabath chooses material accordance with domestic and international standard,GB,EN,NBR,ASME and AU/NZ,each batch has its ID and test report,to ensure it’s 100% qualified.
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